About Us

Welcome to Ralph & Rosie's Deli


March 2nd, 1978 was the start of this family-owned pizzeria located right in the heart of Bergen, NY at 19 North Lake Street. At this time, Ralph Marsocci was working away at Kodak and opened up the restaurant for his wife Rosie. Ralph & Rosie’s ended up taking off so well that Ralph left Kodak to dedicate his time to the pizzeria. A couple months into the business Ralph was experimenting with sauces and brewing up some new and innovative ideas to beat the competition. He eventually created the sweet sauce, one that no one else had. This mouthwatering creation is still booming -- it’s our most popular sauce!

From a young age, Mike Marsocci worked alongside his father at the store. Mike decided to keep the family legacy alive and took over the store in 2012 with the help of his wife Kelly Marsocci.

…and Now

Mike and Kelly take pride in using top of the line ingredients, and satisfying customers. Their dough is made and rolled out fresh every day, and only fresh produce is used. The family works hard to balance their two kids, Mike’s gym, and the pizzeria.

Ralph & Rosie’s still and will forever be known for the sweet sauce, but we have added many additions to our menu. Customer favorites include pizza, wings, steak subs, plates, and burgers... but the menu has much more! This is an above-average pizzeria because not only do we excel in the pizza industry but we do it all; movies, ice cream, milkshakes, slush puppies, beverages, coffee, food. Seating inside, and take-out, and delivery. Mike and Kelly are also looking to expand in the future! We look forward to serving you at Ralph & Rosie’s, home of the original sweet sauce!